Terms and conditions

All renters and authorized drivers, designated by DAFFYCAR
because on the face of this contract are required to provide a
valid identity card or passport, and a
driving license (minimum 1 year validity).
The tenant is granted for a firm period specified in
front of this contract.
The rental day corresponds to 24 hours, from
the time to pick up the car. Any day
started is due.
DAFFY car reserves the full right to terminate the
rental without justification or compensation in the event that the
tenant would not have respected one of the obligations of
this contract returning to him.
Upon delivery of the vehicle, the tenant and the drivers
approved become fully responsible to DAFFY
because of the full execution of these conditions.
The caution
The deposit is a security deposit intended to cover
any damage that occurs during the rental
of the vehicle.

The types of deposits presented to the DAFFY agency because:

– Valid visa bank card.


Normal mechanical wear is the responsibility of DAFFY because.
All repairs resulting from abnormal wear,
negligence on the part of the client or a cause
accidental will be the responsibility of the customer. Spare parts
defective replaced must be presented with
regularly paid invoice stating the amount
full repair.


The tenant declares that the five tires of the car
are in good condition, without cuts; that wear is normal.
In case of deterioration of one of them for a cause
other than normal wear and tear, the tenant agrees to replace
immediately by a tire of the same size and the
same brand as those fitted to the rented vehicle.
Vehicle condition
The tenant will not be able in any case to claim from DAFFY because
damages, or for late delivery of the
car or cancellation of the rental, either in the case of
repair required due to normal wear and tear and carried out at
during the rental.
DAFFY because declines all responsibility for the uses
illegal cars by tenants. Guarantees
optional and additional insurance: the tenant
is guaranteed according to the general policy conditions
insurance policies taken out by DAFFY because, namely:
Accidents caused to third parties according to the deductible and
public liability.
For fire and theft of accessories, clothing and all
objects inside the car and the trunk, the driver
remains his own assures.

The customer must return the police report duly completed and
default pay all amounts for repair of the
The customer should in no case discuss the responsibility of
the accident, or deal with third parties or act that could interfere with
or engage the insurance company in settling the
The tenant remains responsible for damage caused to
lower parts of the vehicle for whatever reason
even if he has subscribed to the buyout of the CDW franchise. the parties
lower means of components located under the frames:
-Damage to the interior of the vehicle.
-Damage caused to tires and rims.
-Radiator, gimbal, ect … which are not covered by the insurer.
Finally, the tenant is deprived of the theft, fire and
damage to the vehicle, any drunk driver
or under the influence of an alcoholic or under the influence of drugs
or any other substance modifying reflexes essential for

Caution – Prolongation

The tenant will pay the deposit deposited by him in advance.
under no circumstances be used for an extension of the rental in
accompanying it with the corresponding provision, under penalty of
expose him to legal proceedings for misappropriation of
vehicle and breach of trust.
However, the lessor reserves the right to refuse the
extension of the rental, with the obligation for the latter to
immediately return the vehicle.

Theft insurance

The tenant is insured against theft, but this guarantee cannot
play only subject to the return of the keys, the crisis card
the vehicle and other documents necessary for circulation
franchise remaining the responsibility of the customer.
Vehicle return
The vehicle must be returned during the opening hours of
rental agencies, at the date, time and place specified in
The vehicle must also be returned with the documents,
traffic equipment and accessories.
If the tenant cannot return the traffic documents or
the vehicle keys, he must pay until production by him,
a certificate of loss as well as the delivery costs

Fines and tickets

The renter and / or licensed drivers are responsible for
fines, tickets and reports issued to them
against. He undertakes to reimburse the amount to DAFFY because if
he was led to advance it.


In the event of a dispute that may arise during the execution of this
contract, the courts of Casablanca will have sole jurisdiction.

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