What are the parts to present to rent a car?
- A valid permit with one year of seniority. - Identity card for Moroccans or passport for foreigners.
How much is the deposit for renting a car?
At Daffy car, the deposit is debited from the payment card of the driver and kept for the duration of the rental. The amount of the car rental deposit is mandatory. at Daffy because, it is set at € 1,200.00 for tourist vehicles, excluding premium type categories for which the deposit is set at € 2,000.00.
how to recover the deposit ?
The deposit is refundable as long as the vehicle is returned in the same condition and if there are no additional charges chargeable on the return of the vehicle (such as additional rental days).
What is a deposit and franchise ?
The deposit is a sum including a deductible. She is blocked on the customer's credit card as a guarantee on the rental car. The amount of the deposit depends on the category of the car on the return date. A deductible is an amount retained by the DAFFY company because on the deposit that you left when you have possession of the car if the car was damaged with the customer's responsibility (damage excess) or stolen (theft excess) during the rental. , the remainder will be returned to the customer. The time limit for funds to be available on your card may vary depending on your bank or card provider.
What is the collision damage waiver ?
The damage exemption limits the lessee's liability to deductible for the car. Items such as the windshield, locks, flat tires, towing costs are covered by the CDW warranty.
What should I do if my rental car breaks down or if I have an accident?
In case of breakdown or accident, call the company immediately DAFFY Car, the numbers are in your rental car contract, will tell you what to do, then keep any documents you fill out. For accidents, a police report and an accident report from the DAFFY car counter will be required.
How can I modify my reservation?
You can modify your reservation in the "Book" section of the website at least 48 hours before the start of the rental. Please note that any changes, such as: Change of pick-up or drop-off location, vehicle category, rental period may affect the rental price which may be different from what you originally paid.
How can I cancel my reservation ?
To cancel your reservation, connect to "reservation" and click on cancel.
What if my flight is delayed or canceled?
Please notify us by phone as soon as possible. Providing us with your flight details ahead of time can also be helpful.
Do I pay an extra in the event of delay or cancellation ?
Prices are based on the pick-up and drop-off times and dates you agreed to before the start of your rental; if you pick it up later or bring it back instead, you will not be refunded for any unused days.
What are the types of deposit ?
The types of deposits presented to the DAFFY agency because: - Valid visa bank card. -Cash.
Est ce que vous faites la livraison et la restitution à l’aéroport?
The tenant benefits from free delivery and return at Mohamed V airport, outside of these parameters, the customer pays the conveyance costs which vary between the airports of the kingdom.
If I want to extend my rental contract, what would I do?
You just need to drop by the Daffy bus agency or call us to send you the extension contract.
What are the payment methods?
_ Bank card. _ Cash. _ Transfer 3 days before delivery.
Do you have comprehensive insurance?
Insurance is the key to car rental and the one that guarantees the moral and physical breathing of the tenant. DAFFY Car car rental guarantees you all insurance risks.
How much is the insurance deductible?
In the event of an accident, if the tenant is irresponsible, he pays nothing; if the tenant is at fault, he only pays the deductible. The latter corresponds to 10% of the amount of damage caused to the vehicle.
Is the mileage unlimited?
Mileage is unlimited beyond 3 days.
If there are two drivers, do I pay extra for the second driver?
At Daffy car, the second driver subscription is free.
If I have a child, do I pay for the baby seat?
A DAFFY because, the tenant benefits from the baby seat free of charge.
Do you deliver the car on full fuel?
When picking up, you receive with the tank of a certain level and you will have to return it also with the same level. Concrètement, vous ne payez que ce que vous avez consommé.
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